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Bulking Up the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011, A New Challenge

An Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 track challenge for the ups and downs of Christian Ponder's rookie season? Good idea.
An Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 track challenge for the ups and downs of Christian Ponder's rookie season? Good idea.

It was kind of late in the NFL season when I got the idea for the Ultimate Misery Mix 2011. Of course, until the season was half over we still clung to the hope that the Minnesota Vikings' 2011 season wouldn't be quite as bad as it was. But it has been that bad. Actually, the season has been worse than I expected. But, much to my surprise, people seem to enjoy competing for the honor of wearing our tattered Burger King crown by choosing songs for our Ultimate Misery Mix 2011--our musical way of laughing about one of the worst Vikings seasons in the history of the franchise.

Sunday is the Vikings last game and so far only four tracks have been chosen for our Ultimate Misery Mix 2011. As far as albums go, four songs seems a little on the skimpy side. Not only that, but how ultimate is our misery if we can work up only four measly tracks? Not very Ultimate.

How can you make our mix more Ultimate and get your hands on our Burger King crown? Good question. Join me after the jump for details.

That's why I'm going to do something I'm sure I'll regret even more than all the Christmas cookies I've been eating. Yes folks, the time has come for a mega multi-track challenge. You can submit your selections for multiple tracks on our soon-to-be-award-winning* Ultimate Misery Mix 2011.

In order for this to work, it will require a little patience and for you to follow a couple directions.

  • We have talked about limiting the number of song submissions a person can make and, for this multi-track challenge, that is an absolute necessity. If you want to participate, please limit your song submissions to just two songs per track. So, if you want to submit songs for multiple tracks, you can submit two songs for each track.
  • Having topics for multiple tracks has the potential to get really confusing for me (especially when I'm studying your song choices late at night), so I'm going to need your help to keep this from being a confusing jumble. In the subject line of the comment box write which track your song selections are meant for and then include your song selections in the message portion of the comment box. If you want to submit songs for different tracks, comment separately for each track.
  • This time around, I absolutely need a link to your songs and not just the name of the song and the artist performing it. Don't get me wrong, I need the name of the song and the artist performing it, but I really need a link to the song on YouTube. It just makes looking at song choices a lot easier.

I hope those directions make sense because DN readers suggested some great topics for Ultimate Misery Mix track challenges. That's right, not only is this a multi-track challenge, but the challenge topics (most of them) were submitted by DN readers. Here are a fresh batch of Ultimate Misery Mix 2011 (UMM2011) challenges for you--astound us with your wit and you too could be sporting the Burger King crown.

  • TRACK 5 CHALLENGE: Landonio suggested the UMM2011 should have a track devoted to Christian Ponder's rookie season and how the fans feel about it. What song best describes the ups and downs of Ponder's rookie season with the Vikings?
  • TRACK 6 CHALLENGE: Bosox 2018 suggested we look to the future an select a song that we think best describes what we think the 2012 season will hold for the Vikings. What song do you think best describes the Vikings' future in 2012?
  • TRACK 7 CHALLENGE: abba7 suggested choosing a song for the coaching staff. How do fans feel about the Vikings' coaching staff after the 2011 season?
  • TRACK 8 CHALLENGE: CCNorseman brought up the fact that the Vikings have been breaking records for all sorts of bad reasons (like a 9-game streak without an interception). What's a good song for a team that is remarkable for all the wrong reasons?
  • TRACK 9 CHALLENGE: I'm suggesting that the UMM2011 needs a song for Jim Kleinsasser. What is the best musical ode for a guy who spent his career in the un-showy role of a blocking tight end?

My thanks to Landonio, Bosox 2018, abba7, and CCNorseman for their challenge ideas. You came through with some really interesting topics and I think we're going to get some great song choices for them.

NOTE: Once again, I posted an Ultimate Misery Mix challenge and once again I have completely forgotten to put the deadline for entries in the post. I've also forgotten to tell you when you can expect to see the results of this multi-track challenge. All entries need to be submitted by Sunday, January 1st, 8pm. I'll post the results sometime on...oh, let's say Tuesday next week.

And now, before we go, here's a little musical salute to the Minnesota Vikings fans who maintain hope each season, regardless of how the team plays on the field. Hurray for one-hit wonders.