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Pay Tribute To Jim Kleinsasser And Help Out A Sick Child, All At Once


Yesterday in the comment section of the Jim Kleinsasser is retiring story, somebody asked how we as a fanbase could pay tribute to the great career of Jim Kleinsasser. Well, I got a couple emails from you fine folks with the recommendation that we donate a few dollars to his preferred charity, and I personally think that's one of the best ideas we've ever done here at DN.

I spoke to Vikings PR guy Jeff Anderson, and he said that Jim and his wife are heavily involved with the Make A Wish Foundation, which should surprise absolutely no one.

Click right here, and it should take you to the donation page for Make A Wish Minnesota. And if you live somewhere else and want to donate to your local Make A Wish Foundation, that's fine as well.

On a personal note, Make A Wish is one of the best charities there are. I got to help make a very sick kid a 'pilot for a day' once, and it was one of the most rewarding thing I've ever done as a human being.

You'll be making a child that is more than likely terminally ill live their dream, if only for a few hours, while tipping your cap to Jim Kleinsasser at the same time.

Pass the hat, and pass the word.