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Another Friendly Minnesota Vikings Programming Reminder

In case you missed today's game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos, the NFL Network has already decided that the game will be one of the ones featured in their "NFL Replay" series for this week. The initial airing of the replay will come on Tuesday at 8:30 PM Central time.

Who knows. . .maybe that will give Brian Billick enough time to get into a sound studio so they can re-dub all of the times he referred to Jared Allen as "Gerald Allen."

Seriously, do any of these freaking announcers do so much as a modicum of freaking research before they call a game involving the Minnesota Vikings? I mean, I can see calling the guy "Gerald" once, maybe twice. . .slips of the tongue happen and all that. In watching the replay on the ol' DVR, I'm pretty sure I heard it at least half a dozen times. The man has led the NFL in sacks for the majority of the season and has played outstanding football pretty much all season long. . .even if he does play for a 2-10 team, it wouldn't kill people to get his name right.