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Second Round Of Senate Hearings On New Stadium Today

EDIT: Sorry about that, folks. We have the proper streaming link up now. - Chris

Watch live streaming video from theuptake2 at

Similar to last week, the second round of public hearings on a potential new Vikings' stadium is being held today in St. Paul. The hearings will get underway at 12:30 PM Central time, and are scheduled to run all the way to 6 PM.

While the first set of hearings that took place last week were more focused on stadium location, today's hearings will be more focused on the financing aspect of the project, which should make for some interesting. . .um, "debate."

These hearings will be held in Room 15 of the State Capitol in St. Paul. While all of the spots for public testimony have been filled, if you wish to make the sojourn to St. Paul, there will be overflow rooms to watch the hearings.

Or, alternatively, you can just sit back and watch it right here through that big video thing at the top of this post, which will be broadcasting the live stream of the proceedings once they get underway.