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Vikings Showed Interest In Dave Wannstedt During Coaching Search

A few weeks ago when the Minnesota Vikings were bringing in folks for interviews in an effort to fill out their coaching staff, we heard the names of former NFL head coaches thrown around. . .particularly Mike Singletary, who ultimately wound up with the Vikings as the linebackers coach and the "special assistant to the head coach," and Josh McDaniels, who wound up taking the offensive coordinator job with the St. Louis Rams.

However, another former head coach. . .one that's been out of the pro game for a while. . .apparently garnered some attention from the Beloved Purple as well.

The Vikings also, apparently, contacted Dave Wannstedt about filling a role on the staff, perhaps as the defensive line coach or the linebackers coach, according to Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Wannstedt had been a head coach in the National Football League for eleven seasons, first with the Chicago Bears from 1993 to 1998, and then with the Miami Dolphins from 2000 to 2004. He had spent the past six seasons as the head coach of the University of Pittsburgh, his alma mater, where he was fired after this season.

He also possesses one of the sweetest mustaches in the history of NFL coaching. . .obviously, this played no role in his being hired by the Vikings. Wannstedt ultimately wound up taking a job with the Buffalo Bills.

Showing interest in Wannstedt. . .who is a pretty good defensive mind, if not NFL head coach material at this point. . .just shows how serious Leslie Frazier is about putting a very good staff of folks around him. I think he did a pretty darn fine job of that without Wannstedt, though.