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Report: Metrodome Roof Needs Full Replacement

Ever since the collapse of the Metrodome roof back on December 12, speculation has run rampant as to whether or not the big, Teflon bubble would have to be replaced or if it could simply be patched up with panels that the company that made the roof had in storage.

According to Sid Hartman of the Star-Tribune, the answer is going to come back on Thursday. . .and it's the worst case scenario.

The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission will meet today and, according to a good source, is expected to hear the evaluation from engineers that a complete new roof is needed for the Metrodome at a cost of $18 million.


The engineering firms that have been evaluating the project are expected to report that replacing, and not repairing, the roof is the only way to solve the problem.

Thankfully, according to the article, the Minneapolis Sports Facilities Commission has insurance to cover the cost of a new roof.

However, the Vikings. . .who have said that they would really rather not play in the Metrodome this year in the first place. . .have already sent out season ticket literature that makes the presumption that the Dome will be available for the first couple of pre-season games this year, which seems highly unlikely in light of this announcement. The time frame on putting an entirely new roof on the Metrodome has been rumored at about six months. That means if they started right this very minute, we'd be looking at early August before the roof was on the building.

This just in. . .they haven't started right this very minute.

So, this complicates the Vikings' season ticket situation. As we heard numerous times, TCF Bank Stadium. . .the most likely alternative if the Metrodome isn't ready for use by the Vikings. . .holds significantly fewer people than the Metrodome does, and if they were to oversell the season tickets, they'd have quite a few ticked off fans on their hands. But, with the Metrodome not appearing to be ready any time soon, it's looking more and more like that's what's going to happen for at least the 2011 pre-season, if not beyond.

That's assuming, of course. . .sing along if you know the words. . .that there is a 2011 season for anybody to worry about.