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Minnesota Vikings Apparently Getting Serious About Arden Hills Site

It looks like the Minnesota Vikings and Ramsey County are poised to take the next step in attempting to get something going for a new stadium for the Beloved Purple.

Today, the Vikings sent a letter to Ramsey County expressing their interests in working "collaboratively and closely. . .to determine if an agreement can be reached that leads to a new stadium at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant site." The site sits along Interstate 10 and Highway 35W in Arden Hills.

Victoria Reinhardt, the chairwoman of the board for Ramsey County, is firmly on board with the idea.

"I think when you're looking at a county like Ramsey, where we are fully developed and second in population in the state -- clearly when you have the opportunity to develop 430 acres of land, for economic development, transportation, jobs, enhancing the tax base -- and figure this makes sense for us and the Vikings," she said.

The amount of land that we're talking about here would not only be plenty for the Vikings to put a stadium up, but for the Wilf's to develop the land around it with shopping, hotels, restaurants, and other amenities. All of these things would bring jobs to Ramsey County, which had an unemployment of about 6.4% as of December of 2010.

Nobody knows for sure yet where the public side of the funding for this would come from, but the Vikings have apparently been in talks with some commissioners from Ramsey County for months.

Governor Dayton has said that he wants the Vikings' stadium issue solved during this legislative session, which is already underway. Hopefully this is the first step to the realization of a new stadium for the Vikings in the very near future.