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CFL Defensive End Phillip Hunt Chooses Philadelphia Eagles Over Vikings

Our friends over at Bleeding Green Nation have confirmed the reports that last year's Canadian Football League sack leader, defensive end Phillip Hunt, has agreed to terms on a deal with the Eagles. If you'll recall, the Vikings were on the list of teams that Hunt had worked out for this off-season, as were the Houston Texans and numerous other teams.

Kind of a shame that the Vikings missed out on this guy. . .I don't think anyone was expecting him to come in and be Cameron Wake or anything right away, but with Ray Edwards' contract and Brian Robison's contracts being what they are and Everson Griffen doing. . .well, lord knows whatever it is that Everson Griffen is doing at the moment, Hunt may have had an opportunity to come in and compete, even though he is a bit undersized. (According to BGN, he's about 6' tall and around 250 pounds.)

At that size, I'm surprised he went to the Eagles and not a team that plays more of a 3-4 type of a defense. Then again, the Eagles just dumped their defensive coordinator a few weeks ago and may be transitioning to a 3-4 scheme, but they're still a 4-3 team as far as I know. If he's just a pass-rushing specialist, I guess it wouldn't matter too much, but it would be hard to expect a guy that size to be a full-time 4-3 defensive lineman, I would think.

But, he chose to sign with the Eagles over the Vikings. . .best of luck to him, except for the games where he faces the Vikings.