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Would The Vikings Deal The Number 12 Pick For Kevin Kolb?

Much like I'm not totally sure what a Justin Bieber is, I'm not sure what a Shawn Zobel is, either. . .but, apparently, he seems to be under the impression that the Minnesota Vikings would deal the #12 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft straight up for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

I've been told that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb will be traded barring an extension of the CBA. The three most likely teams that are currently in the conversation are the Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, and Miami Dolphins. The Vikings, I've been told, would be willing to give up the No. 12 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft for Kolb, however they value their draft picks and with no third-rounder, they'd be leaving themselves with only a second-round pick on the first two days of the draft.

Now, keep in mind. . .if there's no CBA agreed upon by the time the draft comes around, this deal can't take place. Teams will only be able to trade draft picks for other draft picks.

I'll be honest, however. . .the thought of such a trade hadn't really crossed my mind. The thought of trading for Kolb has crossed lots of people's minds, I'm sure, but the #12 may seem a little rich for such a deal. Then again, if the Vikings like Kolb enough and determine that none of the quarterbacks available in the first couple of rounds were worth the #12 pick, I guess they could do worse.

Keep in mind, too. . .Kolb is a quarterback that's had to deal with the pressures of being a starter, and has experience in a similar type of offense to the one the Vikings want to run. If the current labor situation drags on for a while, that means that a rookie wouldn't be able to come in and learn the offense during mini-camps and things like that, and having someone like Kolb would be a bit of an advantage.

So, what do you folks think? Is a trade for Kevin Kolb a scenario that sounds appealing?