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Minnesota Vikings DT Kevin Williams Has Knee Surgery

Vikings' defensive tackle Kevin Williams had what could be considered a down year by his standards, yet managed to be selected as the replacement for Lions' defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh in this year's Pro Bowl. Of course, Williams subsequently backed out and was replaced by Darnell Dockett.

You'll note that Williams backed out in plenty of time, and didn't subsequently turn around and decide that he was playing again, thereby screwing Dockett out of a chance to play in the Pro Bowl. (Yeah, Jonathan Vilma, I'm looking at you here.)

The reason that Williams had given was that he and his wife were expecting a child that was due to be born around Pro Bowl time, and he wanted to be there. Now, thanks to Jeremy Fowler at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, we may have an explanation of why his season wasn't quite up to the standards that Williams has set over the past few years.

Four-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Kevin Williams had arthroscopic knee surgery this week that was performed by renowned knee specialist Dr. James Andrews, the Pioneer Press has learned.

It is not believed that Williams, one of the Vikings' defensive staples, has any torn ligament damage to his knee, but the surgery stems from knee irritation during the season.

Well, then. . .I didn't even know anything was wrong with him. I don't recall the guy being on the injury report at all this year. Unfortunately, with the court ruling we got earlier this week, it's entirely possible that Williams might have an extra four weeks to rest his knee prior to getting on the field.