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Is Anyone Out There At Arctic Blast?

I can't believe that I didn't mention a whole lot about it here before just now, but the Vikings are holding their annual Arctic Blast snowmobile event today and tomorrow at Lake Mille Lacs. The proceeds of the event all go to raise money for the Vikings Children's Fund.

Arctic Blast is an annual snowmobile event that is attended by numerous Vikings players coaches, players (former and present) and other dignitaries. Current Vikings players that are attending include quarterback Joe Webb, offensive lineman Phil Loadholt, tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, and defensive tackle Pat Williams. Kevin Williams was also scheduled to attend but, in light of his recent knee surgery, it's easy to understand why he's not there. Incidentally, Chip Scoggins of the Star-Tribune has let fly a series of tweets about why one of those other players might not have been up to standards last season, either. . .which could give us a different look at our draft priorities going into this April.

(That's what we in the business call a "tease," ladies and gentlemen.)

Incidentally. . .I don't know the first thing about snowmobiles, but I wonder how powerful a machine would be required to get Pat Williams around. The guy is one of my favorite Vikings, but let's just admit it. . .the dude is large.

Is there anyone out there that's attending the event? If so, feel free to drop us any pictures you might have or any comments about what the entire experience has been like.