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The Metrodome Roof Will Be Razed. . .But Then What?

So, we know that the Metrodome will be getting a new lid put on it, hopefully in time for the 2011 NFL season. Once again, that's if. . .sing along with me. . .there's a 2011 NFL season for anybody to worry about. Hooray for the new roof and all that.

But what's going to happen to the old Metrodome roof? The Star-Tribune is wondering the same thing. According to the article from the Star-Tribune, there is approximately 440,000 square feet of fiberglass in the roof that collapsed on December 12, and nobody is quite sure what to do with it.

One of the suggestions would be to cut it up into pieces and sell it in an effort to raise money for the impending new stadium, but nobody is sure how well that would go over. In 1995, the Twins attempted to sell pieces of the Metrodome glorified green carpeting turf to raise money to support after-school activities in the Twin Cities. Sales were, apparently, less than robust. Personally, I'd probably be down with putting down a few dollars for a piece of the old roof, but I obviously don't speak for everybody.

So, what could the Vikings do with the rest of the Metrodome roof? Should they sell pieces of it? Turn it into a bunch of purple and gold wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men? Create muumuus for less-fortunate Wisconsinites? (Heck, we could just slap the charges for that on top of the $60 million they already owe Minnesota, if nothing else.) Discuss the numerous possibilities right here!