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Kevin Rogers Named Offensive Coordinator at Boston College

Kevin Rogers, who had been the Minnesota Vikings' quarterbacks coach for the entirety of the Brad Childress era (and the start of the Leslie Frazier era) has been named the new offensive coordinator at Boston College.

Heather Dinich,'s ACC blogger for college football, seems to like the hire.

This is a great hire, and with all due respect to the assistants on the Eagles' staff, it's a better move than promoting from within because of the wealth of experience Rogers brings. He's not only worked with Brett Favre, he's also worked with the likes of former Virginia Tech quarterbacks Bryan Randall and Marcus Vick.

As true as those things are, and with all due respect to Miss Dinich, I'm not sure how much of a role these things would have played. I'm pretty sure that Brett Favre hasn't listened to a quarterback coach since Bill Clinton's first term, Marcus Vick wasn't exactly anything to crow about, and I wouldn't know who Bryan Randall was if he walked up to me, shook my hand, and said, "Hello, I'm Bryan Randall."

No mention of how he kind of failed to do much of anything with Tarvaris Jackson over five years, either. . .but if I were Kevin Rogers, I might have left that off of my resume, anyway.

In any case, we wish Kevin Rogers the best of luck at BC. The Eagles, at one time, were one of college football's better programs, and I wouldn't mind seeing them back on that level again.