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Sidney Rice Goes To China

According to his most recent blog posting, Vikings' wide receiver Sidney Rice is doing his part to try to take the game of football overseas.

Rice, along with former Golden Gopher and Minnesota Viking safety Jack Brewer, is heading to China for a couple of weeks. It sounds like it's going to be mostly for pleasure, but Sidney says that there is going to be a one-day football camp mixed into their travels as well.

As far as his contract, he's saying the right things.

I have no contract right now but I’m still a Viking. I hope to remain a Viking. Hopefully the players and owners will get something done. I’m anxious to get to next season.

I think most of us echo that sentiment.

Hopefully Sidney will have a good time while he's in China. . .and, hopefully, by the time he comes back, there will be a new labor deal waiting for him. I'm not sure if I'd bet on that or anything, but one can always hope.

And I made it through this entire post with no witty one-liners about Rice and China. Nice.