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The Metrodome Is A Bad Stadium; Also, Water Is Wet

Hey, did you know that the Metrodome might be the worst stadium in the NFL? Well, it most certainly is, according to our friends at the National Football Post.

I'm not sure what could have led to this ranking. . .maybe it's the gigantic freaking hole in the roof, I don't know.

It's funny, but whenever any of these "experts" line up to trash the Metrodome, they never mention how much opposing teams generally hate to play there. Nobody ever seems to mention the fact that, since the Vikings moved into the Dome in 1982, they have the third-highest home winning percentage in the National Football League.

Nope, it's always "blah blah blah the Dome sucks blah blah blah the Dome is terrible blah blah blah."

Could the Vikings stand to upgrade from the Dome? Certainly, they could, if for no other reason than it would generate more revenue for the team and allow them to stay more competitive in today's NFL. But as far as "objective" third parties and opposing teams not liking the Metrodome?

Good. . .we like it that way. In a few years, I'm sure they'll hate Minnesota's new stadium every bit as much as their current one.

Anywhere between ten and twelve times a year, the Metrodome is the greatest place on Earth, because it hosts Minnesota Vikings football games. And, quite frankly, while I'd make ten to twelve trips a year to the Metrodome if I could swing it financially, as far as the stadium that's #1 on this "illustrious" list? I've been there once, and you couldn't pay me enough to make a return trip to that festering hole.

Thankfully, in a couple of years this will all be moot, as the Vikings will be playing in front of the NFL's best fans in the NFL's best stadium. . .at whatever Twin Cities location that will be. . .rather than the NFL's "worst" stadium.