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Indianapolis Colts Release Bob Sanders; Could The Vikings Be Interested?

As PurplePeopleEaters pointed out in the FanShot section a few minutes ago, the Indianapolis Colts have released safety Bob Sanders. Now, for a team with as many problems at the position as the Vikings have had, Sanders is certainly an attractive option, because he is one of the NFL's best safeties.

When he's on the field. . .which, over the course of the past few years, has been a rarity.

Here's what Sanders' "games played" numbers have looked like over the course of his NFL career.

2004 - 6 games played, 4 games started (foot and knee injuries)
2005 - 14 games played, 14 games started
2006 - 4 games played, 4 games started (knee injury)
2007 - 15 games played, 15 games started (named NFL's Defensive Player of the Year)
2008 - 6 games played, 6 games started (high ankle sprain, knee injury)
2009 - 2 games played, 2 games started (arm injury)
2010 - 1 game played, 1 game started (torn bicep)

In seven seasons, out of a potential 112 games, Sanders has played in 48 games, or approximately 43% of the games in which he was eligible. That means that, yes, over the course of his NFL career, Bob Sanders has missed more games than he's played, including only playing in nine games in the past three years, and only three games over the course of the past two.

This isn't to say that I would be against the Vikings signing Bob Sanders or anything like that. If you could promise me that the guy was going to stay healthy for at least the majority of the season. . .and, keep in mind, he's only had two NFL seasons out of seven where he's played more than six games, never mind a full NFL season. . .then I think he'd be a no-brainer for the Vikings. But while he's a game-changer when he's available, he's also definitely proven that he isn't somebody that can be relied upon.

What do you folks think? Would Bob Sanders be worth rolling the dice on for our Beloved Purple?