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An Update On Christopher Wilno's Fundraising Efforts

You'll remember that a couple of days ago, we highlighted the story of Christopher Wilno, who attempted to auction off his bad sports karma for the cause of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. There were a number of folks from our site and other SB Nation sites that sent in donations, and we pushed Mr. Wilno closer to his goal.

Now, I'm happy to report that it looks like any "bad karma" that Mr. Wilno had appears to be evaporating, as I checked his fundraising page today and his total is now up to $11,040! He got a big donation from the folks at Johnson and Johnson, and had a few other donations come in as well (which he can detail for everyone, if he wants. . .I'm just going on what he sent me via Facebook), so he has far surpassed his $10,000 total that he has on his page.

Mr. Wilno also stated in the comments of the other post, as well as in his Facebook message to me, that he has a lifetime goal of $100,000 raised for cancer research, and that he's currently about $7,500 away from that lifetime goal with the money that has recently come in. So, if you were planning on making a donation and have seen that the "goal" on Mr. Wilno's fundraising page has been surpassed, don't let that stop you from making that donation anyway. Cancer research is one of those things that needs all the funding it can get, and every little bit helps.

For everyone that's already made a donation, thank you very much for your generosity. And if you're planning on making a donation, thank you for your generosity as well.