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Another Safety Option? St. Louis Rams Release O.J. Atogwe

Not long after the Indianapolis Colts released Bob Sanders, the St. Louis Rams made a move that I don't think anyone was expecting to come quite this soon.

With an $8 million bonus due to him on Monday, the Rams released another of the league's better safeties, Oshiomogho Atogwe. . .you can call him O.J.

Atogwe is, without a doubt, one of the NFL's better free safeties, and played a large part in the improvement of the St. Louis defense in 2010. In six NFL seasons since being drafted in the third round of the 2005 Draft out of Stanford, he's played 88 of 96 potential games, and has averaged around 74 combined tackles and 4 interceptions a season over that time. He turns 30 this June, and as a result might be a bit on the old side for a team that is, allegedly, looking to rebuild, but he would no doubt be a huge upgrade to the Minnesota secondary over Madieu Williams if the Vikings were to bring him in.

There's very little chance of getting anything worked out before March 4, but once a new CBA is signed, this guy should definitely be one of our targets, in my opinion.

EDIT: And, as Pro Football Talk points out, Atogwe is getting married this spring. His bride-to-be? The daughter of brand new Vikings' linebackers coach Mike Singletary.

Wonder if dear old "dad" will try to convince Mr. Atogwe to change addresses to Minnesota. It would be nice if he could.