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Minnesota Vikings Uniforms Re-Imagined As Soccer Kits

You may or may not have seen these floating around the interwebs over the course of the past few days, but now the person that is responsible for them has put them all in one place on his website to make them easier to find. At the moment, he's got 12 NFL teams done. . .no word as to whether or not he's planning on doing the rest. . .but he's got the most important one out of the way, so I guess it doesn't matter.


And, yes, if these were real, I would be first in line to purchase them.

Now, I'm not soccer-savvy enough to know what "primary" and "clash" mean in terms of uniforms. . .or if they mean anything in particular at all, to be honest. Also, each of the uniforms prominently feature a local sponsor because. . .well, that's how soccer teams roll. Ironic that he chose Target, since that's generally what the National Football League views the Minnesota Vikings as. Best Buy or 3M or. . .God help us. . .Grain Belt probably wouldn't have worked quite as well.