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Greatest Football Movie Ever Tournament: Professional Quarterfinal Recap

Well, the first round of our Greatest Football Movie Ever tournament is in the books, and while one considerable upset was scored, thing went primarily along the lines that one would have expected them to. Here's how the quarterfinals of our first bracket went overall.

Game 1 - Brian's Song vs. Leatherheads - 348 votes cast

Brian's Song - 285 votes (81.9%)
Leatherheads - 63 votes (18.1%)

Game 2 - Heaven Can Wait vs. Any Given Sunday - 357 votes cast

Any Given Sunday - 274 votes (76.8%)
Heaven Can Wait - 83 votes (23.3%)

Game 3 - North Dallas Forty vs. The Replacements - 234 votes cast

The Replacements - 142 votes (60.7%)
North Dallas Forty - 92 votes (39.3%)

Game 4 - Invincible vs. Paper Lion - 212 votes cast

Invincible - 164 votes (77.4%)
Paper Lion - 48 votes (22.6%)

So, the semi-finals of the Professional Bracket are set, as when we return to it we'll have Brian's Song taking on Any Given Sunday and The Replacements going up against Invincible.

Yes, there have been some bias towards the newer movies thus far, I'll grant you that (with the exception of Brian's Song, which is a pretty transcendent film). Now that we're looking at more movies that are closer together in terms of age and so forth, things will hopefully get a little more interesting. In addition, there has been a dearth of great movies based on professional football in recent years. . .if you look at the College and Other brackets, there are not a lot of "older" films among them. As the audience of people that read blogs generally tends to skew a little younger, some of our upcoming match-ups should be a little less one-sided.

So, the College bracket will kick off tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen. . .I hope that you'll be here for the voting!