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Bryant McKinnie Has Way, Way More Money Than You Do

For most Viking fans, there really isn't a whole lot of middle ground when it comes to left tackle Bryant McKinnie. Some think he's one of the better left tackles in the game (and he certainly has the potential to be that), but many folks see him as someone that hasn't lived up to his billing and is more concerned with other things than he is with being a dominant left tackle in the National Football League.

Now, I'm not going to say that the folks in the latter category have gotten a little more ammo today, but. . .well, I can't think of a decent way to finish that sentence.

McKinnie was at a party in Hollywood on Thursday night, and apparently spent over $100,000 on his bar tab, according to the folks at TMZ.

Sources at the NBA All-Star "Kick Off Party" at MyHouse nightclub -- hosted by rapper Rick Ross and model Rosa Acosta -- tell us the 6'8", 335 lb lineman ordered more than 15 bottles of expensive champagne ... among other things.

We're told some of the bottles of champagne were so big -- the entire club stopped to watch the wait staff bring them to Bryant's area to crack 'em open.

I don't begrudge McKinnie this or anything. . .heck, I hope to advance to the point in my life where I can spend $100,000 on a bar tab (or anything else, for that matter) and not think anything of it. . .but for a guy that doesn't exactly have the entire fan base behind him to start with, the perception of this is likely not going to be terribly positive.

Not that he cares or anything. . .I'm just saying is all.