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Drafttek Has An Interesting "What If" Scenario For The Vikings' Draft

Drafttek has long been one of my favorite draft sites, largely because they stretch their drafts out to seven rounds, and because of the way their system is set up, they can easily project trade scenarios and swap things around with little to no difficulty. Their most recent "what if" scenario involves our Beloved Purple, and presents a situation that, if it were to present itself, might be too good for the Vikings to pass up.

Here's the logic behind Drafttek's current Vikings "what if" scenario.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need help at Defensive End - do not be surprised if they select more than one prospect in the 2011 draft. However, despite the presence of a good number of 1st round prospects, there is a strong possibility that none will be available by the time the Buccaneer's selection #20 comes around.

One player the Bucaneers are rumored to covet is Ryan Kerrigan of Purdue. Drafttek's CMD#20 has Kerrigan going to Minnesota with the #12, but the Vikings have several other needs, such as Offensive Tackle. Minnesota could reach for an OT at the #12, but by trading with Tampa Bay down to #20, they can still pick up a top OT prospect such at Nate Solder or Derek Sherrod . And the Vikings will also pick up Tampa Bay's 2nd Rounder, the #51 overall.

I would have no problem with the Vikings making a deal such as this if the opportunity were to present itself. The team would more than recoup the third-round pick that the team lost in the Randy Moss fiasco for a pretty good price. (In this scenario, the Vikings also send pick #135 to Tampa Bay to sort of "even things out.") Now, depending on how strongly you feel about the quarterback prospects in this year's draft, the "what if" scenario detailed here only has one quarterback off of the board when the Vikings come up at #12, that being Blaine Gabbert (who goes to the Tennessee Titans at pick number eight).

With this trade having taken place, however, here's how the Drafttek folks have the Vikings using their draft picks.

20 - Nate Solder, Offensive Tackle, Colorado (pick acquired from Tampa Bay)
43 - Allen Bailey, Defensive End, Miami (FL)
51 - D.J. Williams, Tight End, Arkansas (pick acquired from Tampa Bay)
105 - Ricky Stanzi, Quarterback, Iowa
147 - Cedric Thornton, Defensive Tackle, Southern Arkansas
173 - Jordan White, Wide Receiver, Western Michigan
203 - Brian Rolle, Outside Linebacker, Ohio State

You know. . .I don't hate that draft. I'm not sure about the Solder pick, depending on how well Phil Loadholt comes back in 2011. . .I might prefer Stefen Wisniewski, who goes with the very next pick in this scenario to Kansas City. I particularly like the D.J. Williams pick, as he would give us a highly athletic tight end to go along with Visanthe Shiancoe.

What do you folks think?