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The Philadelphia Eagles Want What For Kevin Kolb?

Not too long ago, we speculated as to whether or not the Minnesota Vikings would part with the #12 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft in exchange for Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Kevin Kolb, and whether such a deal would entail Minnesota giving up too much.

If what Dan Pompei of the National Football Post is reporting is accurate, the #12 pick might not be enough.

Pompei is reporting that the Eagles want a first round pick "and something else" in exchange for Kolb's services. He speculates that that "something else" is likely a third-round draft choice.

Two things here. . .first of all, this would likely take us out of the running, what with that whole "not having a third-round pick this year" thing going on. Second of all. . .a first AND a third (not to mention a huge contract extension, in all likelihood) for a guy that's started seven games in four NFL seasons and, to this point, has thrown more interceptions than touchdown passes in his career? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh. . .I'm going to have to say "pass" on this one.

Kolb's career QB rating, as of right now, is 73.2. To compare, Tarvaris Jackson's career quarterback rating is 76.6. Anyone think we'd get a first and a third for Tarvaris Jackson if he were still under contract to the Vikings?

Yeah. . .neither do I.

If the Eagles are going to demand a first and a third for Kolb, then there's a pretty good chance he'll be sitting behind Michael Vick again this season, after which the Eagles will have to determine whether or not they'll want to put a tag (if the new CBA has those) on a quarterback for the second season in a row. For that price, as far as I'm concerned, they can keep him.