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Vikings Franchise Chad Greenway

In a somewhat surprising move, the VIkings have placed the franchise tag on LB Chad Greenway.  I'm not saying it's a bad move, but like a lot of other people, I thought they would use it to franchise Sidney Rice as opposed to Greenway.

What does that mean for Greenway?  Benjamins, baby.  Close to $10 million of them, along with what will probably be a long term contract.

But let's keep this in mind, boys and girls.  There might not even be a franchise tag if/when a new labor agreement is reached, so this, and several other franchise tags that have been placed on players by other teams could all be moot.

If nothing else, this should show Greenway that he is valued by the team, and that they want him around for a long time, but the labor unrest is what's keeping the team from signing him to a long term deal.

At least, that's what the move says to me.