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Jared Allen To Be Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame

No, ladies and gentlemen, that is not a misprint. Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen will, indeed, be inducted into the Los Gatos High School Athletic Hall of Fame on April 30 of this year. He will be one of a class of ten individuals that will be inducted on that date.

Los Gatos is located in Santa Clara County in central California. . .and, if my extensive studies of Spanish have taught me anything, it's that Los Gatos is Spanish for. . ."the gatos."

Jared Allen has done more in his post-high school career than any football player in Los Gatos High School history. And he did more than enough in his one year as a Wildcat to earn him a place in the Los Gatos High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Well, congratulations to Jared Allen on being named to his high school's Hall of Fame Class of 2011. When he goes into Canton in about ten years or so, he'll already have some practice with speeches and things of that nature, which is always helpful.