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It's Mail Bag Time!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Remember last week when I said that I'd like to do a story each week composed of nothing but your emails?

Oh, you don't?

/holds back sob

Well, some of you did, and you actually took time to email me.  And you actually took it seriously and wrote some good questions.  As for 'Hunny' at MCF-Shakopee*, the answer is now most definitely no.  It was a definite 'maybe' before I figured out that 'MCF' meant 'Minnesota Correctional Facility'.  Maybe we can have coffee in 7-12 years.

Anyways, our first question comes from Rick in Navarre, Florida.  Rick writes:

What is the new offensive line coach going to do?  He has a lot of work to do, the O-line has been used in a scheme that does not fit their style of play or their strengths.  I think we really are witness to how good of a job Mike Tice did with this group and how much of an influence Matt Birk had on line calls.  This area has to be taken care of or it doesn’t matter who is at QB, he will be running for his life or AP will be beat up by the third game.
Rick, I couldn't agree more.  A lot of fans seem to think the Vikings are best suited for a man on man blocking scheme as opposed to a zone, and I agree.  Birk and Tice were big reasons why the Vikings had so much success in the early parts of the aughts, and although Adrian Peterson is having a ton of success, you can't help but wonder how much better the offense would be if the blocking schemes were simplified somewhat.

More questions, after the jump.

Our next question comes from poster Luft Krigare, and we stay with the offensive line.  Luft asks:

Are there any position changes on the line for 2011 that you see, and do you see the line improving?

Barring injury, I can't see a scenario where there is a new starter on the offensive line, but I do think it's time to start drafting future starters.  Bryant McKinnie and Steve Hutchinson are getting up there, and it's time to think about who will be on the left side in two or three years.  Although it sounds like it's making excuses, the offensive line has really been hit with injuries from left to right for the last couple of years, and if they can stay healthy, I think they're a better than average unit.  But staying healthy has been next to impossible since 2007, so we'll see.

Our next question comes from a poster who would just like to be referred to as 'A Vikings fan in Texas'.  He writes:

Everybody talks about Childress's vanilla KAO, but will Frazier and Musgrave consider using the real potential for a "Wildcat"-type offense that the Vikings' players offer? Webb didn't throw any TDs, but he ran for two, and he can throw. I thought the Wildcat fell apart when it became a predictable run play.

I have a weird feeling that he will.  Remember, in one of Frazier's first game as head coach he set up a Wildcat package for Joe Webb to run as a receiver, and he also used him as a kick returner...until Webb hurt his hamstring on the opening kickoff, and Brett Favre got hurt on the third play from scrimmage.  As much as I'd like to see Webb compete for the starting job, I realistically think he's more of a Brad Smith (New York Jets) type guy, but he does have flashes of quarterback competence.  Either way, I'm very interested to see where Joe Webb fits in the offense next season.

Our next mailbag participant is David, from Blacksburg, VA.  David asks:

The draft – I have read some opinions about the Vikes trading down to later in the first round possibly for more picks.  What are your thoughts on this? And do you think the Vikes should make a move to get a third round pick (that Chilly so smartly gave away)?

First off, thanks for reminding me about the Randy Moss debacle.  Because of that, I will not answer the other two questions you asked, lol.  But to answer your question, yeah, I'd be for it depending on who was still on the board and who they ended up getting.  The Vikes need to address multiple poitions, so unless someone who was expected to go in the top two or three picks unexpectedly dropped to 12, I wouldn't have a problem with the Vikings moving down and getting more picks.

Our next question...well, more of a comment, comes from Bruce in West Monroe, NY:

The Wilfs have to be considering plan B by now, which is moving or selling the team.  I think that they will keep payroll/expenses as low as possible until one of those two things is accomplished; or, a new stadium happens.  This will effect free agent signings, player retention, etc.

I can see why you'd think that, Bruce, but I disagree.  Since the Wilfs bought the team, they have been very aggressive in signing top quality talent to the Vikings, and with the stadium talks progressing, I don't see them tightening the belt.  Now, if the stadium talks fall apart, I think all bets are off, but as long as it looks like the Vikings will get a new place to play in Minnesota, they'll keep the wallet open.

Finally, an emailer called 'Ted's Mom' writes us from someplace called 'Ted's Mom's House':

Dear superstar writer for the Daily Norseman,

I love your writing style, and I think the folks at SB Nation should give you a big raise, because you work so hard and really, really, deserve it.  My question is, how did you grow up to become such a perfect gentleman?*

Why, thank you, complete and total stranger, for your completely unsolicited compliment.  Good genes, I guess.

Well, that's about all the time we have for your email questions today.  Keep sending those questions to, and I'll keep answering them, once a week minimum.  Just include your name or your DN screen name and what city you're from along with your question.

*Not an actual email.  But all the other ones were.