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Zygi Wilf Gives Vikings' Employees Peace Of Mind

Yeah, there's never a bad time for Boston.

But it's nice that Zygi Wilf has told the Vikings' employees that any possible lockout wasn't going to result in any sort of layoffs or pay cuts or anything of that nature for any Minnesota Vikings employees. That's what Judd Zulgad is reporting at the Star-Tribune (and OrlandoVikesFan pointed out in the FanPosts).

Apparently not all franchises have this luxury. . .the New York Jets are, apparently going to force their employees to take "unpaid leave" if the owners and the players can't come to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Leslie Frazier, suffice to say, is impressed by the move.

"That to me just reinforced in my mind why this in a lot of ways is the best job in the league -- because they didn’t have to do that in these uncertain times. …They’re not just saying that we’re a family. They’re showing that they’re concerned about not just the coaches, the coordinators, the head coaches. They’re not just concerned about the Jared Allens or these Pro Bowl players or Adrian Peterson, getting big contracts, or Chad Greenway. They’re concerned about the lady who answers the phone at the front desk. They want her to be confident that the Vikings are going to do right by her along with others, and you don’t see that all the time in sports. I just wanted to share that. It meant a lot for me."

Just one of the many things that should make us all proud of this franchise, and proud to be Viking fans. Big kudos to the Wilf family for doing this for all of the Minnesota Vikings' employees.

EDIT: Tom Pelissero mentions that the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have laid off employees, too.