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Report: Sidney Rice Won't Re-Sign With Vikings Before Testing Free Agency

This is according to Adam Schefter via Twitter.

Drew Rosenhaus said his client, Vikings WR Sidney Rice, will not re-sign with Minnesota before first testing free agency.less than a minute ago via ÜberSocial

Again, as we mentioned the other day, Sidney might not be doing much "testing" of the free agent market, depending upon what the CBA defines an unrestricted free agent as. If he's a restricted free agent, he'll no doubt be tendered at the highest level, and any team that wishes to sign him can pony up a draft pick or two for the privilege.

Still, after a few days in which we heard that progress was being made in talks between Rice and the team, this is a mild disappointment. I'm not sure if anyone actually expected Sidney to re-sign with Minnesota before March 3 anyway, but would have been nice.

So, the Vikings might be in the market for some wide receiving help. . .maybe.