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New Metrodome Roof To Be Ready For Pre-Season Games

The folks that run the Metrodome got one bid to replace the roof on the Metrodome, but that's all it takes, as the Star-Tribune reports that the replacement process will begin as early as St. Patrick's Day. It doesn't have an exact date for when things will get underway, but BirdAir, the company that's doing the replacement, probably has a pretty good idea of when it will be finished, if this is any indication.

Birdair's price: $17.97 million for a roof that will be substantially complete by Aug. 1. That deadline will allow the Minnesota Vikings to play a preseason game at the Dome as soon as Aug. 12.

The company will get an extra $500,000 for early or on-time completion, but face penalties if the roof isn't done in time. Birdair would be docked $20,000 per day between Aug. 2 and 13 for missing the deadline, plus $700,000 for each missed scheduled Vikings home game.

That right there, folks, is what we call incentive. As long as they do it properly.

A couple of interesting things about the new roof. Apparently it's going to have a significantly flatter profile than the previous roof had, and there isn't going to be an inner liner involved with the roofing, meaning that the interior of the dome will be much brighter. Also, baffles attached to the inside of the roof will apparently "improve the stadium's acoustics." So, the place was loud before. . .it's only going to be louder now, from the sounds of things.

Oh, and apparently the roof will consist of "light brown panels that will bleach white over time." Yes, the Metrodome is going to have a roof based on Michael Jackson technology.

(What, too soon?)

So, it looks like we're going to get another season at the Metrodome after all. . .hopefully the folks in the Minnesota legislature can do their part to ensure that it will be the last.