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Report: Owners Will Lock Out Players Whether NFLPA Decertifies Or Not

Not long ago, the owners were like "Hey, if we can't work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, we're going to lock out the players." And then the players were all, "You can't lock us out, we're going to decertify our union." And today, the owners decided to be all like, "We don't care if you decertify your union or not, we're locking you out anyway."

And all of us NFL football fans are all like, "Damn, this sucks and stuff. Can't you guys just get a deal done or something?"

But it won’t be that easy, especially since the owners reportedly plan to try to impose a lockout even if the players decertify, according to Daniel Kaplan and Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal.

At that point, it wouldn’t be a lockout.  It would be the NFL going out of business.

"If the union decertifies, it is not really correct to call it a ‘lockout,’" Gary Roberts, a former outside counsel for the league told SportsBusiness Journal.  "As soon as you don’t have a union, it’s an employer ceasing operations."

Some think that shutting the doors to a non-union work force would amount to an antitrust violation.

So, it looks like we're getting a lockout whether the union decertifies or not.

We're a little more than 72 hours away from a lockout. . .and it doesn't seem like either side is terribly interested in doing anything about stopping it from happening.