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Where We Reveal Our "Greatest Football Movie Ever" Tournament Field

So, a few days ago I mentioned that we were going to be having sort of a mini-tournament to determine what Daily Norseman readers feel is the "Greatest Football Movie Ever." After scouring the internet to come up with a decent list and racking my brain for a while to try to figure out the best way to divide these up, I believe I've come up with a solution.

At first I was going to limit the list to 16, but there were a few movies that got left off that way, so I expanded the field to 24. As for a way to divide them up, I managed to find eight that are centered around professional football (be it real or fictional), eight that are centered around college football (again, real or fictional), and eight that don't really fall under either of those headings. . .mostly high school-based, but there were a couple sort of rogue ones that didn't really fall under the high school heading, either.

As far as "seedings" and that sort of thing, I did it in the best and most scientific way that I could think of. . .I went through the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), got the star rankings for each movie, and racked and stacked them within each of those three divisions I described above. This resulted in a few movies being ranked higher than I would have thought, and a few movies ranked lower than I would have thought, but hey. . .this is all in fun. Nothing for people to get too wrapped around the proverbial axle over. I think a lot of the opening round match-ups. . .to say nothing of the ones that could potentially happen down the track. . .are going to generate some pretty interesting debates.

So, without any further ado, here are the "brackets" for our Greatest Football Movie Ever tournament!

(After the jump, I mean.)

Professional Bracket

#1 Brian's Song vs #8 Leatherheads

#4 Heaven Can Wait vs #5 Any Given Sunday

#3 North Dallas Forty vs #6 The Replacements

#2 Invincible vs #7 Paper Lion

College Bracket

#1 Rudy vs #8 Necessary Roughness

#4 Knute Rockne, All-American vs #5 The Program

#3 We Are Marshall vs #6 The Junction Boys

#2 The Express vs #7 The Waterboy

"Other" Bracket

#1 The Blind Side vs #8 Wildcats

#4 The Longest Yard (original recipe) vs #5 Gridiron Gang

#3 Friday Night Lights vs #6 Varsity Blues

#2 Remember The Titans vs #7 Little Giants

The winner of each bracket will go into a big, three-way tussle at the very end to determine the Greatest Football Movie Ever.

I apologize in advance if your favorite movie got left off or anything like that. I did my best to limit this to movies where football was central to the plot. . .not something like Jerry Maguire that had football in it, but the movie really wasn't about football, if that makes any sense. (It might not. . .it's about half past midnight here on the west coast while I'm typing this and I could really use some sleep.)

We'll get this whole thing started on Monday. . .my goal is to get match-ups posted on Mondays and Thursdays and give each poll about three days in the spotlight for people to vote on.

So, feel free to discuss what we've got here, and we'll have our first match-up on Monday!