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Metrodome Gets Kicked While It's Down

The Metrodome, which is quickly becoming a bad joke as opposed to a stadium that is being repaired, is getting kicked while it's down.

In a survey of NFL players, it was rated as having the worst artificial turf in the NFL.  So, we have a domed stadium with a collapsed roof, an expiring lease, bad turf, and a timetable for repairs that might stretch past summer.

I've never liked that building, and I a firm supporter for a new stadium, but this is just becoming a dogpile at this point, isn't it?  I mean, with all the damage that the roof collapse caused back in December, I would think a new playing surface was going to have to be almost a given, since it got soaked with snow that turned to water, which then froze, then thawed, then had plywood thrown over it so workers could start repairs.

If nothing else, this is one more piece of ammunition for the pro-stadium folks to use in the quest to secure a new stadium for our favorite team.

Is it time for the draft yet?