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Everson Griffen's Super Bowl Party, Sponsored By Bad Idea Jeans

Remember alllllllllllllllllllllll the way back on Monday when Vikings' defensive end Everson Griffen was tased and arrested by Los Angeles police? When we mentioned Griffen's name more in the span of about two days than we did in his entire rookie season?

Well, according to ESPN Los Angeles, Griffen is hosting a big Super Bowl party in Las Vegas this weekend. . .and his alma mater, the University of Southern California, thinks so highly of that idea that they've forbidden all of their players from attending said party. An e-mail to the players from USC Athletic Director Pat Haden and Vice President for Athletic Compliance David Roberts reads as follows:

"Because of the NCAA rules concerning gambling, impermissible extra benefits and the conduct of agents, we believe that there is a significant chance that the eligibility of any student-athlete who participates in such a trip would be jeopardized," Haden and Roberts wrote in the e-mail, which was obtained by "Therefore, you are not permitted to partake or participate in the Super Bowl Weekend trip that has been arranged and promoted by Mr. Griffen or Mr. Campbell under any circumstances."

Mr. Campbell, in this case, is Jordan Campbell, a former USC linebacker who spent the 2010 season with the Louisville Cardinals. Apparently the two of them sent a Facebook invite to 2,000 people, including many current and former USC coaches and players.

Griffen is apparently offering round-trip bus fare and an "all-expenses paid" trip for $100. $100 for round-trip bus fare to Vegas and, presumably, a big ol' Super Bowl party? You know, maybe I'm becoming curmudgeonly at a slightly younger age than I should. . .but I'm not sure how anything positive can come from this sort of thing. You have to admire Griffen's gall, though, if not his sense of timing.

And, as I mentioned, it would have been quite easy for Griffen to find a sponsor for his party.