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Super Bowl Pre-Game Thread

Sigh....the Apocalypse Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and we must, if we want to watch the game, wade through the hours...and hours...and hours of how Aaron Rodgers is the greatest ever, Ben Roethlisberger is a rehabilitated hero, and stew in the fact that Cris Carter and Chris Doleman got snubbed for the Hall of Fame while lesser players got selected. 

Boys and girls, for us here in Vikings Land, there will be no winners at the end of this day, only survivors.

Use this pre-game thread to discuss how you will make it through the day.  Me, I will be in an undisclosed location with DVD's of The Greatest Games in Vikings history, to include the 2004 curb-stomping they gave the Packers in Green Bay during the playoffs, and some great Ohio State games of the past, to include this most recent Sugar Bowl.  Eh, actually I'll be out in the driveway, trying to break up that layer of sleet that rolled through here earlier in the week.  If I'm lucky, I'll slip and fall, hit my head, and have no memory of the 2010 football season.

And if you are going to sit through the game, and you wish to comment here, God Blesss You, are a better person than I am.  We'll have a game thread up about 5 or so.  I don't know that I can bring myself to watch.  There's a 'Destroyed in Seconds' marathon on Discovery Channel, which somehow seems appropriate for today.


SKOL today, SKOL tomorrow, SKOL forever.

SKOL Vikings!!