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Hey, The 2010 Season Has Been Over For Six Hours, Let's Check The 2011 NFL Odds!

The good folks over at Bodog have decided that if there's going to be an NFL season in 2011, the team that won this year's championship is the prohibitive favorite to win next year's title as well.

Bodog has installed the Green Bay Packers as 7/1 favorites to win Super Bowl XLVI, with the New England Patriots right behind them at 8/1. Rounding out the top five are this year's Super Bowl runner-up, the Pittsburgh Steelers, at 10/1, the San Diego Chargers. . .though I'm not sure why. . .at 12/1, and the Baltimore Ravens at 14/1.

As far as our other NFC North counterparts, the Chicago Bears are listed at 22/1, while the Detroit Lions are sitting at 50/1.

What about the Vikings, you might ask? Well, the folks at Bodog have given them a little more respect than they may warrant, putting them at 35/1 odds to win next year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Now, those may not sound like great odds, but they're the same odds that the Kansas City Chiefs are getting, and the Chiefs are (in my opinion) a fast rising young team. Those are also the same odds as Bodog has placed on the Houston Texans and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The longest of the long shots at this point are the Carolina Panthers and the Buffalo Bills, both of whom are currently listed at 100/1. The next longest shot? Surprisingly, it's the Seattle Seahawks. . .you know, a team that actually made the playoffs and won a post-season game this past year? Yeah, Bodog has them at 85/1. Even the Arizona Cardinals, who the Seahawks beat out in the NFC West and are considered to be quite a ways behind Seattle, are considered a slightly better bet at 75/1.

And, remember, these numbers are for entertainment purposes only. Unless you win a ton of money. Then I want my cut.