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Could The Minnesota Vikings Welcome Back An Old Friend In 2011?

On the first day of the 2010 free agency season, Viking nation groaned in unison as the news rolled across the wires that running back Chester Taylor had signed a lucrative free agent contract with the Chicago Bears. His departure left the Vikings without a legitimate third-down option (though they tried to wedge rookie Toby Gerhart into the role), and it was something that caught up to them both in terms of converting third downs and in terms of blitz pick-ups.

Well, sufficient to say, Taylor's season with the Bears was an unmitigated flop. He averaged just 2.4 yards per carry, scored only three touchdowns on the year, and was a complete non-factor for the better part of Chicago's season as the Bears continued increasing Matt Forte's work load.

Taylor got paid a whole lot more than Forte did in 2010. . .and he's scheduled to get paid more than Forte in 2011, too.

‘‘I appreciate Chester, and we have a good rotation going on,’’ Forte told the Sun-Times on Thursday. ‘‘But I just hope the Bears’ management and coach Lovie [Smith] get together and do what’s fair. I’m just hoping they do the right thing, but there’s really nothing I can do about it.’’

Translation: "Ummmmm, dude that's averaging half as many yards a carry as I am over there is getting paid more than me, and there's no way this crap can be allowed to continue."

So, it appears that there's a very good chance that Chester Taylor is going to be back on the open market. . .again. . .whenever there's an open market for him to be back on. Do you think there's space for him on the 2011 Minnesota Vikings' roster? What would happen with Toby Gerhart if that's the case? Would Chester be strictly a third down back with Gerhart strictly being relief every few series for Adrian Peterson?