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Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald To Host Charity Poker Tournament

Apologies for the late start today, gang. Too much stuff going on over at this end. Rest assured, we'll still get you plenty of good stuff before it's time to go to bed tonight.

If any of you folks live in or are going to be in Las Vegas in about a week and a half, you could find yourself at a poker table with Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, or any of a host of other National Football League players or other celebrities.

Fitzgerald and Peterson, along with poker legend Phil Hellmuth, will be hosting the first ever Raise Your Hand For Africa charity poker tournament at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas on February 18 and 19. The proceeds of the tournament will benefit the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which is dedicated to building better lives for the hearing impaired by providing hearing instruments to those in need, and Pros For Africa,a non-profit relief organization providing basic needs to children in Africa.

Who else will be there? Why, I'm glad you asked! There will be. . .

-Actors! Such as Steve Martin (the funniest man alive), Don Cheadle, Kevin Sorbo, Verne Troyer, Lou Ferrigno, and Kenny Johnson
-Musicians! Such as Akon, Jordin Sparks, and Sam Moore
-Professional poker players! Such as Annie Duke, Liz Lieu, and Michelle Lau
-Other NFL players! Such as Bernard Berrian (who, hopefully, has his Blackberry on one of those little strings that the casinos give you for your players club cards), Bryant McKinnie, Chris Canty, Mark Clayton, Larry Johnson, Curtis Lofton, and Roy Williams.

And, if you have the scratch to pay the $2,000 entry fee. . .you! (That's a bit too steep for my blood. . .if you need me, I'll be playing the $.25/.50 tables online.)

The two-day event includes a VIP reception on Friday, February 18th, and the tournament itself on Saturday, February 19th.

Kudos to Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Phil Hellmuth for putting on an event such as this one.