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Pat Williams Taps Out Of Starcaps Case Fight

About two and a half years after the NFL attempted to suspend Minnesota Vikings defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams for testing positive for a substance that they had allowed eight other players to skate away suspension-free for a couple of years prior, the biggest, loudest, and (now) oldest member of the Beloved Purple is finally tired of fighting.

"I just want it to be over," Pat Williams said in a telephone interview. "If I lose, I lose. I'm not mad at anybody. Right now, I want it to be over because it's cost me so much money, close to $1 million (in legal fees). It ain't cheap."

Yes, #94 says that he has spent nearly one million dollars in legal fees fighting to clear his name over the course of the past couple of years.

It's not expected that Phat Pat will re-sign with Minnesota, and even though his play on the field may have declined slightly in 2010, most of us will remember the years that the big man spent here as one of the NFL's premiere run-stuffing defensive linemen. Unfortunately, it's just as likely that more people will remember him for the whole Starcaps saga, and that's a shame.

Not as much of a shame as the fact that Roger Goodell and the National Football league now have carte blanche to arbitrarily enforce the league's rules about performance enhancing drugs however they want against whomever they want, mind you. . .but a shame none the less.