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Where We Roll Two Stories Into One

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Good morning, DN faithful!  Two items of interest this morning, one which definitely affects our Beloved Purple, and another that might.

First off, the 18 game schedule is off the table, according to NFLPA rabble rouser DeMaurice Smith.

Personally, I'm happy to hear this.  I think 16 games is enough, and there are already too many injuries that affect teams throughout the course of the season.  An 18 game schedule, even with expanded rosters and practice squads, would really dilute the quality of play in the NFL and risk serious over-exposure.  Part of the allure is that unlike baseball, where your team plays almost every day, an NFL game is more of an event.  Now make no mistake, with the advent of the NFL Network, and their coverage of the Combine, draft (along with ESPN), and Thursday games, I get the feeling that the NFL is getting to the upper limit of their exposure before we start the 'Jump the Shark' debate.  Had the NFL expanded the schedule to 18 games, that debate would've been sooner rather than later.

Secondly, there may be signs that Cincinnati is getting ready to trade uber-disgruntled quarterback Carson Palmer.  According to the report, Palmer's wife doesn't like The Queen City...and who could blame her, really?  Also, Palmer is threatening to retire rather than come back and play for the Bengals.  He has said repeatedly he has enough money and doesn't need or want to play for the Bengals.  The article really doesn't mention what the Bengals would want for the quarterback, or more importantly, what they'd be willing to take.

So, it looks like there's a veteran QB that might be available, and if the price is right, maybe the Vikings should kick the tires on him.