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Vikings Say Stadium Bill Is "Imminent"

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Not to get everyone's hopes up or anything like that, but Jeff Anderson from the Vikings' PR office gave us the following information yesterday:

We have been told a bill is imminent. RT @Sports_Realist: Jeff, it's March 9. A stadium bill hasn't even been introduced. Why?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Now, I'm not 100% sure what imminent means. . .after all, there's no location specified or anything along those lines, but something has to be coming here shortly for him to make a declaration like that.

In a related story, over at the Vikings' official website, there's a Q&A about the current stadium situation. Check out the whole thing, but there was one portion that I was particularly interested in, and I'm sure that some of you are, too.

Q: My question is what can someone who is from out of state like me do to help get this deal DONE? I live in South Dakota and have been a Vikings fan my entire life of almost 35 years. And I must say it is maddening to think the only team I really love could go away after 50 years! Many like me feel helpless to what may happen, and unless the team would move to South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa or Nebraska, well you get the idea. The Vikings are not just Minnesota’s team; they, to me, are more.
-- Chris Winseman, South Dakota (similar question from Tom O’Neill in Honesdale, PA)

A: Thanks for being such longtime out-of-state fans, Chris and Tom. Most people don’t realize this, but 22% of Vikings Season Ticket Owners actually live outside of Minnesota. We’re very fortunate to have such a strong following around the country.

Yes, out-of-state fans can play a role in this effort. Check out and click on the Contact Your Legislator button. You can email Governor Dayton directly from our site to express support for the team and say thank you for his leadership on this issue. Personal stories about how you visit Minnesota for games are especially helpful. Other ways you can get involved include telling friends and family about our efforts, submitting personal fan stories/videos to and just being an active participant in any stadium discussions online.

Hey. . .whatever we out-of-staters can do, I'm all about it. Hopefully there will be other things for those of us that wouldn't be affected by Minnesota taxes or things like that to contribute to the Vikings' next home.