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Pat And Kevin Williams Flip Flop Positions On StarCaps Fight

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when we posted the story that said that Pat Williams had said he was done fighting against his potential four-game B.S. suspension for the StarCaps mess, and Kevin Williams wasn't quite sure what he was going to do?

Well, it looks like that story apparently came from Opposite Land. . .because according to Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, now Pat Williams is saying he's going to continue fighting against his suspension, and Kevin Williams is the one that's saying that he's had enough of the legal wrangling.

Make no mistake. . .it's still completely idiotic that either one of these two are going to face any sort of suspension at all, but losing Kevin Williams for four games obviously has a much more dramatic effect on this team than Pat Williams being suspended for four games, considering that Pat Williams has already said he's not going to be back in Minnesota anyway.

Herr Goodell will still get to arbitrarily enforce his league's performance enhancing substance policy against teams that he has a personal distaste for, simply because Kevin Williams is tired of fighting to clear his name after having it unnecessarily dragged through the mud.

Maybe part of the new CBA should include the appointment of a new commissioner. . .one that won't treat certain football teams like they're second-class entities.