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NFL Labor Crisis: Letter From The NFL To The NFLPA

Over at, they have the full letter that the NFL sent to the NFLPA, informing them of the lockout that the owners were imposing on them. This happened at right around midnight last night.

The full letter can be seen after the jump.




It's a lot of stuff that we knew already. . .the players won't be getting paid during this time, they won't be getting any health insurance, they can't enter the team facilities, they can't have contact with team staff (coaches, trainers, etc.), and agents can't communicate with teams and can't enter the facilities, either.

This is why I was kind of surprised that the stories were coming out yesterday that free agency could get underway at midnight if an injunction was filed. If the owners are locking the players out, why on earth would they try signing them to contracts to give them more money?

So, the NFL's players are officially locked out. Now it's just a matter of when this stuff is going to filter its way through the court system.