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Looks Like Cris Carter Could be Disrespected Again

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Hey guys- Mr. Sunshine here.

I got up today and thought, "you know what? I’m going to write a Vikings story today that has nothing to do with the CBA." I knew it would be a difficult undertaking, especially since I meant a serious story, not one where Lindsay Lohan becomes our new kicker. But I thought somewhere, somehow, there had to be something that I could take and craft into a story, to give us all a break from this whole… situation we’re in.

Well, I found something, and found it relatively easily. Unfortunately- it still is depressing.

You’ve been warned. Continue on with why Cris Carter, star and former legendary WR of the Minnesota Vikings… might be facing some serious disrespect again.

Ah, memories.

So while scanning as many sources as I could for something, I happened upon this at In short, after being kept out of the Hall of Fame repeatedly despite, well, absolutely deserving a spot there, Mr. Carter might be looking for a job soon.

As it turns out, his contract with ESPN has expired, and there's no guarantee that he'll be back. And if he is, it could be in a lesser position than the one he's enjoyed for the past few years. Again, despite, well, absolutely doing a great job at it.

Compare him to Dan Marino. Yes, Marino's gotten better recently, but the fact that there's just not a ton going on upstairs still seeps out from time to time. Carter is eloquent, he's concise, he's knowledgeable. He speaks in a manner that educates fans in a way that's easy to understand. Oh, and he knows the difference between a division and a conference. And furthermore, you can't find a more unbiased guy in my book. When people started comparing Sydney Rice to Randy Moss in '09, he shot that notion down- he spoke the truth of the matter (that Moss tore the field up ASAP, whereas Rice came into the league unprepared for the pro level), giving no credence to the fact that Rice was with his old team or that he had attended his clinic. And when Moss was messing up (to put it lightly) in '10, Carter came right out and said that he was disappointed in him. And that wasn't just an old teammate he was talking about- Carter calls Moss a friend. But it didn't matter; he spoke the truth, pure and clear.

One of the reasons why Carter may not be returning, again as reported by, is that there is potentially a perceived lack of ‘star power'. The worst quote by far was this: "...Carter, who has been out of the game long enough for some in the younger demographic to not realize that he even played." WHAT? Did they just call me old?! His last season was 2002. But here's what's worse. This means that the fact that Carter has been disrespected out of the Hall of Fame up until now may, in fact, be correlated to the fact that Carter may be soon disrespected out of a job. Age notwithstanding, most good football fans (and you can be a great football fan at age 10, don't tell me otherwise) will often at least know of a Hall of Famer, particularly a recent inductee who's last season was less than ten years ago (although, we really don't count that last season). Look, I'm not a Steelers fan and I was born after his last season, but I still know very well who Terry Bradshaw is, and who he was.

I don't understand this at all. I would if Carter was doing a bad job. Let's face it, some of our most beloved athletes simply don't belong behind a commentator's desk. But I definitely would say Carter did, and still does. And it's not like that's the only thing he's up to lately, either. He talks to troubled youth (having a shady background when he first started with the Eagles himself), and he also runs a renowned clinic for WRs. Oh, and he was a speaker at both the '08 and '09 NFL Rookie Symposium. The man is still very active as far as the league goes- there's no way one can make the argument that he's ‘out of touch' or anything of the sorts.

Well, there you have it. Once again, Cris Carter is about to be disrespected for absolutely no valid reason whatsoever.

Sigh... Skol Vikings.