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Minnesota Vikings CB Chris Cook Arrested In Virginia

Ladies and gentlemen, the off-season is officially underway.

Minnesota Vikings player, and Lynchburg football star Chris Cook was arrested Saturday evening.

Lynchburg Police say Cook's charged with brandishing a handgun during a fight with another man. The incident happened on the 2200 block of Halifax Avenue around 5:30 p.m. Cook was arrested shortly after the incident.

Cook, a cornerback who was the Vikings' first selection in the 2010 NFL Draft as the 34th overall selection, spent his rookie season in Minnesota either injured or getting smoked at every turn. He tore both menisci and had to have them repaired, one during training camp and one during the season.

Between this and the Everson Griffen escapades from last month, it isn't looking terribly promising for the Vikings' 2010 NFL Draft class at the moment.

Of course, since the Vikings' coaches and staff don't have access to Cook, it really doesn't appear that they can do a whole heck of a lot about this at the moment. Isn't that wonderful?

Is it draft day yet?