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Daily Norseman/SB Nation Minnesota NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool

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So, I can't recall if we did one of these last season or not, but let's make one of these happen, shall we? I believe that we shall use Yahoo! Sports for our pool this season.

Here's how you go about signing up, if you're interested.

  • First, click this link here to go to the tournament pick 'em sign up page.
  • Then, hit the "Join Group" link.
  • It will ask for the Group number. . .that number is 95995.
  • You'll then be prompted for the password. . .that password is skolvikes.

And there you go. . .you'll be in.

If you need a totally sweet, printable bracket for the tournament, you can get one from the good folks at the mothership with SB Nation's 2011 NCAA Tournament bracket.

I don't follow college basketball terribly closely throughout the course of the year, but March Madness is something that pretty much everyone gets into, as far as I can tell. So, if you know your hoops or you're one of those people who looks at tournament match-ups and says, "Well, if a bulldog got in a fight with a spartan. . .", feel free to join the group and have some fun!