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Adrian Peterson Discusses Adrian Peterson With Adrian Peterson. Also, Adrian Peterson

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Hey, guess what? It's the off-season!

So, the best running back in the National Football League has found himself something to do during the lockout, as he participated in an episode of a new online reality show called "Double Take." The whole show will be available sometime today, if it isn't already, on the Power Balance YouTube Channel. If you check it out, there are many other excerpts from the show as well.

It's nice to see guys like AP do these kind of things. They don't have the same level of brashness as someone like a Chad Ochocinco or a Ray Lewis, but Peterson is a decent guy, from all accounts, and it's good to see that he has a bit of a sense of humor, too. Quite frankly, we're still lucky to have this guy on our side, and should remain grateful for a very long time that six teams managed to pass on him for significantly lesser talent in the 2007 NFL Draft.