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Randy Moss Didn't Earn a Home in Tennessee, Either

Update: In the same string as this post, I thought the following was interesting (plus, it's actually Viking related this time). For those of you curious about Moss' preferences, click here for a story on it from the Pioneer Press. In short, Moss told Erin Henderson (who was a guest host on KFAN-AM 1130) that he'd think about coming back for one final shot with the Vikings, but that he'd actually prefer to return to New England. I'm going to be quite frank here- I don't blame him one bit. Moss probably spoke a grand total of a three sentences with Leslie Frazier when he was here last season, and we also don't have a QB. In NE, he knows both the QB and the HC, and likes them both.

I know that this isn't technically Vikings news, but there's still a large contingent here who at least have fond memories of Randy Moss (from his first stint, anyways) and turn their heads when his name is mentioned.

Well, according to The Tennessean, despite keeping himself out of trouble with the third team in his 2010 career, Randy Moss still didn't find a place in their long term plans. (Link to story here.)

According to the article, it wasn't because he went to the media with his frustration over a lack of a contract, nor was it because he didn't care for Tennessean cuisine. It was because, well, he just didn't make a big enough impact on the field to warrant a contract.

He was with the Titans for eight games but was only active for four. During those games he caught eight passes for sixty yards and no touchdowns. It wrapped up a soap opera style year for Moss, who misbehaved his way out of New England and, of course, Minnesota. It's worth noting that during his time with both the Pats and the Vikes, he wasn't terribly productive on the field, either.

Do you think that Moss will find another team next year, or was 2010 his final hurrah? Of course, the whole mess we're in could really foul that question up. Let's assume for now that somehow there will at least be some part of a season- and regardless, there will be Free Agency somewhere around the beginning of April (or so it appears), and that's when Moss will be shopping his services.