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Vikings Receiver Sidney Rice In News Thanks To Non-Story

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Another member of the Minnesota Vikings is in the news for something with negative connotations today. Pro Football Talk is reporting that receiver Sidney Rice bought airline tickets that had been purchased with stolen credit cards.

Not that Rice was using stolen credit card numbers to purchase plane tickets, mind you. . .that he was purchasing them from the people who had originally purchased them with stolen credit cards. Because when you buy plane tickets, that's apparently one of the first questions you ask. . ."Say, I have to ask, and don't take this the wrong way. . .but did you come by these tickets by using a stolen credit card?"

The New York Daily News has some more details.

The NFL star's name surfaced in the Brooklyn Federal Court trial of Winsome White, an East New York woman charged with credit card fraud.

Prosecutors say White was part of a crew - led by her ex-boyfriend Ashley Simmons - that ripped off credit card numbers from unsuspecting victims in order to purchase airline tickets sold for cash at a discount price.

The couple was busted in 2009 by U.S. Probation Officer Richard Koury, who was supervising Simmons for a previous conviction for using NYU computers to commit credit card fraud.

Of course, this is more than likely going to result in Rice having been found to have done absolutely nothing wrong, but hey. . .any excuse for people to speak badly of a member of the Minnesota Vikings seems to be a good one, as you can see from some of the mouth-breathing dopes who have commented on the story at PFT.

Oh, well. . .we just keep pushing closer to the draft.