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Metrodome Roof Repairs To Begin Today

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Much to the chagrin of certain NFL "fans" that laughed and clapped and squealed while it was taking place and thought it was "awesome" and "appropriate" while openly lamenting that there weren't 60 or 70 thousand Viking fans in the stadium when it happened. . .because that's the way "great" NFL fans conduct themselves, you know. . .most of the signs of the Metrodome roof collapse should soon be gone, as the repairs on the roof will begin today, according to the Star-Tribune.

Crews with Birdair Inc., the New York contractor hired by the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission to do the job, will spread a protective tarp over the playing field to get ready for the work above.

Clamping for roof panels will be checked Monday, and the installation of new roof panels may begin as soon as late next week.

It appears that the Minneapolis Sports Facilities Commission had enough in the way of insurance to cover the new roof, which is nice. What would be even nicer is if the Vikings didn't have to worry at all about the Metrodome after this season because they'd be moving into their new stadium. Still hearing that a new stadium bill is "imminent," but nothing has been announced as of yet.