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NCAA Basketball Tournament - Day Two Open Thread

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The second day of tournament action is underway, and the bracket busting got underway in earnest yesterday with teams like Morehead State, Gonzaga, and Richmond pulling off impressive upset victories.

In our bracket group, I've managed to get 11 out of 16 right, which generally isn't bad. . .but it currently puts me in 11th place in our pool out of. . .ummmm, 11 entries. Thankfully, I've only lost one Sweet 16 team thus far (I had Utah State pulling off a couple of upsets to make it to that round), so hopefully I won't be too hosed as things progress here.

The Big Ten went 1-for-3 in tournament action yesterday, with Michigan State and Penn State falling by two-point margins (despite Michigan State's ridiculous comeback), while Wisconsin moved on to the Round of 32. Four more Big Ten teams will take the floor today. . .Michigan is already playing, while Ohio State, Purdue, and Illinois will all be in action later on.

Enjoy the tournament, ladies and gentlemen, and I'll be back with some more big news here in just a little bit.